3M's 3D REFLEX – flexible self-sticking reflective tape ensures car visibility under adverse light and weather conditions. It improves car visibility up to 1 km, thus substantially decreasing the risk of accident.

AG AUTO launches on the market a brand new product contributing to the safety of road users. The self-sticking reflective tape is designed for drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and recreational athletes who use public roads.


The company AG AUTO, spol. s r.o. was founded in 1997 and from the beginning has specialized in selling accessories for personal vehicles. Gradually, the assortment has extended by accessories for OFF-ROAD cars and SUV's.

Thanks to the increasing demand in the sector of quality, but affordable, tuning parts, AG AUTO soon became known among retailers, as well as the car using public, who quickly got used to the brands distributed by AG AUTO in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland.

Our goal is to gradually build a complex assortment of car accessories. We try to provide quality, but also affordable goods.

For our business partners, we offer reliable services, professional care, an ever-growing assortment of brand-name goods, specialized consultancy and flexible fulfillment of customers' requirements.

Satisfied customer is our main goal.

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